Actives and extracts to customize

After 40 years of expertise in vegetal extraction, Alban Muller supports you in the development of your ingredients, whether it is titrated extracts, pure molecules, active ingredients or formulation ingredients.


Feasibility study

  • Plant research and recommandation
  • Monitoring of the plant supply: CITES status, farming

Laboratory trials

  • Manufacturing of a laboratory batch
  • Analytical development and validation

Pilote batch

  • Validation of the process steps
  • Stability up to the ICH standards
  • Control of contaminants

Safety and regulation

Technical supports for regulatory files:
raw material data sheet, batch files, safety data sheet…


Safety tests

Efficacy tests

  • In vitro, in vivo, ex vivo
  • DNA micro chips screening, molecular modelling, genomic tests
  • Transcutaneous passage
  • Development of specific tests


  • Industrial scale-up
  • Exclusive manufacturing process, respecting both the environment and the product
  • A reproducibility guaranteed by validated process
    up to the pharmaceutical standards