WARNING! 185 cosmetic products containing toxic substances

Substances toxiques Cosmétiques

Our natural alternatives respectful of mankind and the environment

Cosmetic products hazardous to health

The Federal Union of Consumers (UFC)-Que choisir revealed, on March 8th 2016, a list of 185 current cosmetic products containing toxic substances. Among them, 62 products containing allergens and 101 products having endocrine disruptors, particularly dangerous for babies, teenagers and pregnant women. These substances are even more concerning once added to leave-on products that stay in prolonged contact with the skin.

Effective and safe solutions

To cope with these undesirable ingredients, Alban Muller offers tested alternatives, 100% natural, 100% renewable and biodegradable.

Alban Muller International’s natural alternatives:

• AMIPRESERVE – Preservative

Pure molecule of salicylic acid, 100% natural, extracted from Wintergreen.

Alternative to: Butylparaben, Potassium or Sodium Butylparaben, Triclosan, Propylparaben, Potassium or Sodium Propylparaben (endocrine disruptors), Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone (allergens) et Phenoxyethanol (liver toxicity)

The natural alternative AMIPRESERVE

• LIPOLAMI®ER – Texturizing agent

Ester fluids 100% natural, Milk Thistle oil extracts.

Alternative to: Cyclopentasiloxane et Cyclotetrasiloxane (endocrin disruptors)

The natural alternative LIPOLAMI®ER