A New Generation of Natural Active Cosmetic Ingredients : Cosme-Phytamis®

Cosme-Phytamis® are plant extracts that don’t include preservatives and petrochemical derivatives commonly used in the manufacturing of cosmetic products. These eco-designed, natural active cosmetic ingredients contain a high concentration of active ingredients, providing remarkable cosmetic properties.

Cosme-Phytamis®, High Quality Plant Extracts

Unique Manufacturing Process

Alban Muller uses its exclusive, eco-responsible manufacturing process to raise the concentration of active molecules of Cosme-Phytamis®. Their concentration is 5 to 10 times greater than that of standard extracts available in today’s market.

Alban Muller uses an innovative and exclusive drying technique, zeodratation, to obtain these powerful natural active cosmetic ingredients. This technique does not distort the active molecules.

Titration in active molecules is carried out by the analytical separation technique using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

The standardization of these natural active cosmetic ingredients on plant-based glycerin support guarantees the concentration of active molecules.

Optimal Consistent Efficiency

Standardizing Cosme-Phytamis® on plant-based glycerin support guarantees the consistent concentration of active molecules. Cosme-Phytamis® are plant extracts that are easily reproduced, resulting in optimal effectiveness in cosmetic products.


As a guarantee of quality, Cosme-Phytamis® plant extracts are approved for use in your products certified according to Cosmos Standard. Indeed, the majority of our Cosme-Phytamis® references are verified and approved by Ecocert.

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Full Security and Regulatory Compliance

For Alban Muller, the confidence of our customers is an ongoing priority.

Aligned with our environmental and eco-responsible vision, we offer total traceability of our ingredients:

  • Complete traceability from plant seed to extract
  • Traceability of Cosme-Phytamis® by analytical method in formulated products
  • Identification of over 90% of phytochemical composition

Alban Muller follows the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for cosmetic products , in accordance with our safety, quality and efficacy requirement levels for our cosmetic products.

We provide a comprehensive administrative and technical record for each Cosme-Phytami® in compliance with regulatory requirements:

  • Raw Material Identification Data Sheet (RMID)


Product Line, Prices and Delivery

Combining performance and accessibility, our Cosme-Phytamis® line is available in 66 plant extracts at competitive prices.

The concentration of these natural active cosmetic ingredients, and their high concentration of active molecules, allows us to formulate high-performance cosmetic products at affordable prices.

The entire line offers a variety of benefits relative to each plant used.

The use of Cosme-Phytamis® ingredients can produce a variety of cosmetic products adapted to various applications.

The product is currently in stock and can be delivered within 21 days.


Cosme-Phytamis® are soluble in water, discover our plant extracts soluble in oil: Lipidamis®.


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