Natural Tinctorial Plant Extracts for makeup and personal care: Tinctamis® NSHC

Tinctamis® NSHC are natural phytocosmetic and concentrated extracts of tinctorial plants with no preservatives. They are developed in partnership with Couleurs de Plantes®, a French company specialized in tinctorial plants culture and the production of innovative dye raw materials. Alban Muller offers four Tinctamis® NSHC COSMOS approved for natural skincare and makeup.

Tinctamis® NSHC multifunctional plant extracts

Double benefits for your skincare products

Tinctamis® NSHC are concentrated phytocosmetic extracts with a double action: they offer a subtle natural color of Cosmetics and give access to the traditional properties of each plant they are made with (antioxidant, soothing, softening, …).
Tinctamis® NSHC constitute an innovative offer of tinctorial plant extracts in the form of micronized powder dispersed in sunflower oil ensuring a fast and easy to use in Cosmetic products.

An eco-responsible and innovative manufacturing process

Tinctamis® NSHC are phytocosmetic extracts from tinctorial plants produced through the eco-responsible manufacturing process of Alban Muller guaranteeing a perfect reproducibility, concentration and purity of active color substances from batch to batch.

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A perfect stability

Indeed, Tinctamis® NSHC manufacturing comprises a performing extraction with natural solvents followed by purification steps guaranteeing the formation of a concentrated complex of color molecules being non soluble and stable under light including UV.
This complex is then dried thanks to a unique eco-responsible technology which enables to preserve the integrity of molecules: ZEODRATION. Tinctamis® NSHC natural tinctorial plant extracts are then micronized and dispersed in sunflower oil. These dye pastes present a perfect reproducibility and an easier incorporation in cosmetic products.

Tinctamis® NSHC range

The range contains four Tinctamis® NSHC:

Cosmetic applications

Tinctamis® NSHC can be use in different cosmetic products as emulsions (cream for the face or for the body), anhydrous products (balms, oils, etc.) and aqueous gels.
It is recommended to add Tinctamis® NSHC at the end of formulation after pH adjustment and below 75°C.
Tinctamis® NSHC are stable from pH 4.5 to 8.0.

For specific formulation, Tinctamis® are available on demand in powder form (not micronized).

Recommended usage dose

The usage dose usually recommended for Tinctamis® NSHC is : 

  • Skincare products : 0.1% to 1% depending on the desired color intensity.
  • Makeup products: 2 to 20% depending on the desired color intensity.

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