Blend of 4 organic plant extracts for hydration & softening action

Softami Cosmos certified

  • COSMOS certified complex of 4 Organic Cosme-Phytamis®: Cucumber, Pomegranate, Marigold flower, Red Vine leaf,
  • Blend with synergistic properties
  • Highly concentrated & standardized cocktail to boost your formulas
  • 1 perfectly dosed product: 1 order / control / file

Organic Cosme-Phytamis® plant extracts properties

  • Organic Cosme-phytamis® Cucumber, a real water tank, is renowned for its refreshing, re-mineralizing and decongesting virtues. It is particularly recommended to moisturize and soothe sensitive skin.
  • Organic Cosme-phytamis® Pomegranate , rich in antioxidants, also has remarkable moisturizing properties to stimulate the skin natural moisture flow.
  • Organic Cosme-phytamis® Marigold flower, renowned for its soothing properties is also known for its emollient and moisturizing benefits for very dry and sensitive skin.
  • Organic Cosme-phytamis® Red Vine leaf, activates the microcirculation of the skin and provides minerals which enhance a radiant complexion.

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