Silica powder: natural alternative to polyethylene beads

Silicami® is a highly pure white silica powder for use in the formulation of exfoliating cosmetic products. It effectively removes dead skin cells to bring radiance and softness to the skin.

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Silica powder for cosmetics

Silicami® is a mineral scrubbing powder based on pure silica. Its mineral exfoliating particles are 100% natural, offer all of the benefits of a mild exfoliant and works for all skin types.

Silica (also known as “silicon”) is a mineral that occurs naturally in the form of silica dioxide (SiO2). Used in the health industry as an additive in medicines and food, silica dioxide is perfectly safe.

The benefits of Silicami®
for the skin

Odorless and white in color Silicami® enables the formulation of different types of products. Its exfoliation is particularly good for getting visible results immediately, including:

  • Smoother skin
  • A more even complexion
  • A natural glow

For optimized suspension, we recommend completing Silicami®-based formulas with Amigel®, a natural gelling agent with high-performance suspension capacity.

Superior quality

Why use Silicami® in your exfoliating product? The answer is simple: Silicami® is the best exfoliating silica powder on the market. Silicami® is highly dispersible and chemically inert. This means it does not interact with other ingredients. Its mineral exfoliating particles are a consistent size and shape, providing an ideal distribution in your products and coverage on the skin. Furthermore, Silicami® is guaranteed to be free of nanoparticles and comes in several particle sizes for exfoliating different skin types:

  • The finest particles for the face and sensitive skin
  • The largest particles for body scrub


The different Alban Muller's powders

Alban Muller offers 3 sizes of exfoliating silica powder, 100 % natural, according to the applications:

  • Silicami® 15-40 microns – Face
  • Silicami® 60-200 microns – Face / Body – Cosmos approved
  • Silicami® 200-500 microns – Body – Cosmos approved

Alternative to polyethylene beads

Like the 100% natural Scrubamis®, Silicamis® is a natural and eco-responsible alternative to polyethylene beads. In recent years, the cosmetics industry has been fighting against the use of polyethylene (plastic) beads in exfoliating products because they are harmful to the environment and pollute our seas and oceans.

Because sewage treatment plants cannot filter out these tiny plastic beads, they end up in the oceans where they harm sea life that ingest them. As we respect both people and the environment, we offer an effective alternative to avoid this threat with an ingredient that is made of minerals that are 100% natural. Our experts have selected a 100% natural, high-quality and highly effective ingredient: silica.

How to use these silica powders for your skin care?

Cosmetic applications
of Silicami®

Silicamis® fits to :

  • Any type of face or body exfoliating emulsions or gels
  • Exfoliating rough skin areas: elbows, knees and heels
  • Anti-dandruff shampoos

Use level

1 to 5%, depending on application

INCI name

Hydrated silica