100% natural and eco-responsible scrub powder - Alternative to polyethylene beads

Scrubamis® ER are 100% vegetable-based exfoliating powders, COSMOS approved. They retain all the benefits of Scrubamis® while being perfectly suited to certified natural formulas.

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100% eco-responsible exfoliating powders

Scrubamis® ER are manufactured from co-products of the food industry. They are 100% renewable and biodegradable ensuring environmentally friendly use.

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An innovative environmentally friendly process Cosmos approved

Scrubamis® ER exfoliation powders are microbiologically decontaminated by a thermal process in compliance with the Cosmos standard.
This heat treatment does not modify the smell or the color of the exfoliating particles and guarantees microbiological standards compliant for use in cosmetic products.

A varied choice of exfoliating powders suitable for different skin treatments

Scrubamis® ER exfoliating powders are developed from fruit pits and shells.
Available in several particle sizes, Scrubamis® ER are adapted for different needs and areas of the body.
• Apricot 200/300 µm
• Apricot 300/400 µm
• Olive 400/500 µm

Cell renewal without irritating the skin for immediate radiance boost

Obtained by a specific grinding to give them a rounded structure, Scrubamis® ER have a smooth surface which ensures a gentle exfoliation without irritating the skin. Dead cells are eliminated which promotes cell renewal. The skin is smoother and the complexion more even.

Easy to formulate with

Thanks to their high dispersibility, the vegetable exfoliating particles are distributed evenly in the final product. Using Scrubamis® ER in your formulas brings an aesthetic visual touch to the product thanks to the natural and varied colors of their particles. An essential marketing asset for everyday skincare.

How to use these exfoliating powders for your skin care?

Cosmetic applications of Scrubamis® ER

Scrubamis® ER can be used in all types of body exfoliation products, emulsions, or gels. They are suitable for exfoliation of rough areas such as elbows, knees, and heels.

Recommanded usage

0.2 to 10%, depending on application