Vegetable-based exfoliating powder

Scrubamis® are 100% natural exfoliating scrubs for formulating exfoliating milks, gels and foaming products. The particles can adapt perfectly to facial or body care for a complete range of exfoliation products.

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Exfoliating powders for cosmetics

Exfoliating the epidermis with gentle mechanical exfoliation accelerates the elimination of dead cells from the skin’s superficial layers. If performed once or twice a week, this operation refines and evens the grain of the skin. By removing dead skin cells, the epidermis is able to better renew itself and the skin regains its radiance.

Scrubamis® are vegetable scrub powders made from fruit pits and shells. These 100% natural and effective exfoliating particles can be used when formulating any exfoliating cosmetic product.

Guaranteeing exfoliating power without damaging the skin, Scrubamis® particles are well-suited for scrubbing the epidermis because they are rounded during production, which prevents them from causing irritation or damage.

Available in several particle sizes, Scrubamis® can be used to exfoliate all skin types, including the most sensitive:

  • The finest particles are ideal for gentle facial exfoliation
  • The largest particles are recommended for body scrubs

Superior quality

The smooth surface and rounded structure of Scrubamis®vegetable exfoliating particles are produced by a special grinding technique. The particles come in a variety of sizes for different kinds of care.

The quality of the particles ensures:

  • Smoother skin
  • A more even complexion
  • Immediate shine
  • Improved cell renewal

A high level of dispersibility allows the vegetable-based exfoliating particles to distribute evenly in the final product.

Using Scrubamis® in your formulas can also add an aesthetic touch to your product — the particles come in a variety of natural colors.

The different powders

  • Scrubami® Apricot: pit
  • Scrubami® Almond:shell
  • Scrubami® Coco: shell
  • Scrubami® Nut:shell
  • Scrubami® Olive: pit

The benefits of Scrubamis®
for the skin

Like Silicamis®, Scrubamis® are a natural,environmentally friendly alternative to polyethylene beads. Those tiny plastic balls are harmful to the skin and too small to be filtered out of wastewater, meaning they end up in the environment, polluting our seas and oceans.

100% renewable and boasting excellent biodegradability, Scrubamis® are harmless to the environment. Eco-responsible Scrubamis® come from 100% natural vegetable sources and co-products from the food industry.

How to use these exfoliating powders for your skin care?

Cosmetic applications
of Scrubamis®

Scrubamis can be used in the following products :

  • Any type of face or body exfoliating emulsions or gels
  • Exfoliating rough skin areas: elbows, knees and heels

Recommanded usage

0.2 to 10%, depending on application