Plant extracts

An eco-responsible approach

In line with its eco-responsible approach and in the respect of the plant resource, Alban Muller develops 100% natural, eco-designed plant extracts. They are manufactured with eco-friendly, high performance and A.M.I. exclusive processes, perfectly adapted to the extraction and the preservation of active molecules.

Plant extracts are preparations obtained by the extracting action of a specific solvent on a dried or fresh plant. They contain the plant’s active compounds dissolved in the solvent. They are water soluble: Cosme-phytamis®, or oil soluble: Lipidamis®.

Tinctamis® NSHC are natural tinctorial plant extracts of micronised powder dispersed in sunflower oil to sublimate makeup and personal care.

The extracting process is always analysed in order to respect the integrity of the active molecules. Each type of extract is thus defined by its method of preparation and the nature of its solvent.

  • Preservative-free
  • Natural solvents
  • Plant-origin carriers
  • No petroleum derivatives

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