New generation of natural extracts for your food supplements

Nutra-Phytamis® are eco-designed extracts of natural origin for nutraceuticals. These plant extracts meet all the criteria of quality, safety and regulatory compliance to make your natural food supplements a success.

Nutra-Phytamis®, high quality plant extracts

A unique manufacturing process

These plant extracts are obtained thanks to a manufacturing process compliant to pharmaceutical standards guaranteeing a very high quality. They are dried by our innovative and exclusive drying technique, zeodration, which does not denature the active molecules and ensures an optimum quantity of molecules of interest.

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From a monitored plant supply

Nutra-Phytamis® plant extracts are manufactured from locally preferred plants which are selected for their agronomic qualities and their composition of molecules of interest.
The plants cultivation is monitored by local expert farmers according to the Guideline on Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) for starting Materials of Herbal Origin adopted by the EMA (European Medicines Agency). Their quality is ensured by the monitoring of cultivation conditions such as the control of the level of contaminants.

Titrated and standardized extracts

Nutra-Phytamis® are standardized extracts in a maltodextrin support guaranteeing a perfect reproducibility and constant quality. They are titrated in active molecules for optimal efficiency.

Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Nutra-Phytamis® manufacturing process expertise associated with our in-depth knowledge of plants and the analyzes systematically carried out on each extract, allow us to guarantee quality, traceability and optimal safety.
Each Nutra-Phytami® has a technical file relating to the Food Botanical Preparation Data (FBPD). This file is mandatory and complies with the information to be communicated according to the French decree relating to the use of plants in food supplements.


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