Organic Cosme-Phytamis®

Organic Cosme-Phytamis® are phytocosmetic extracts with no preservatives manufactured according to stringent requirements of COSMOS standard. These plant extracts are perfectly adapted to organic certified cosmetics. Organic Cosme-Phytamis® maintain all the properties of Cosme-Phytamis® standard range with the added value of beeing organic.

Organic phytocosmetic extracts of high quality

Local Plants from organic farming

Organic Cosme-Phytamis® are manufactured with plants from organic farming which fundamental principles are based on banning the use of chemical products and genetically modified organism.

Alban Muller has made the choice to support, preferably and according to their availability, French and local culture of aromatic and medicinal plants (AMP) sector.

Because the concentration of active molecules is the source of natural beauty benefits, a specific attention is paid to the selection of the best plant varieties with optimized agronomic qualities and the maximum content of active molecules.

Unique manufacturing process in compliance with COSMOS standard for biological and natural cosmetics.

Organic Cosme-Phytamis® are obtained thanks to an exclusive manufacturing process combining unique, performing and eco-responsible techniques as Zeodration drying (see Cosme-Phytamis® page).

Phytocosmetic extracts are produced by the maceration of plants in selective organic solvents (water or water/ethanol) ensuring the highest concentration in active molecules.

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Optimized Concentration and standardization in active molecule

Organic Cosme-Phytamis® are systematically titrated in active molecules by high and ultra performance liquid chromatography (HPLC or UPLC). They are perfectly reproducible thanks to the standardization of the zeodrate in the plant-based glycerine from organic farming (see Cosme-Phytamis® page).

Full Security and Regulatory Compliance

For Alban Muller, the confidence of our customers is an ongoing priority.
Aligned with our environmental and eco-responsible vision, we offer total traceability of our ingredients:

  • Complete traceability from plant seed to extract
  • Traceability of Cosme-Phytamis® by analytical method in formulated products
  • Identification of over 90% of phytochemical composition

Alban Muller follows the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for cosmetic products and ingredients (EFfSI), in accordance with our safety, quality and efficacy requirement levels for our cosmetic products.
We provide a comprehensive administrative and technical record for each Cosme-Phytami® in compliance with regulatory requirements:

  • Raw Material Identification Data Sheet (RMID)


Product Line, Prices and Delivery

The concentration of active molecules in Organic Phytocosmetic Extracts allows to formulate high-performance cosmetic products at affordable prices.

The entire line offers a variety of benefits based on traditional properties relative to each plant used.

The use of Organic Cosme-Phytamis® ingredients can produce a variety of cosmetic products adapted to various applications.
Cosme-Phytamis® are soluble in water.

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