Natural mineral source of beauty

Clays ER

Rich in minerals, clays ER are of high-quality and COSMOS approved. They have many properties useful in multiple cosmetic products.

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Constant quality guaranteed

  • High microbiological quality ensured by thermization, an alternative process to microbial decontamination by ionization compliant to COSMOS standard.
  • Toxic metals content below the maximum standards recommended in cosmetics.
  • Color of origin preserved

Three clays, multiple benefits

Alban Muller offers three clays ER from France.

  • White clay ER: has a white color because it is strongly leached out by rainwater. It is made up of as much aluminum as silica. White clay is perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Green clay ER: a mixture of illite (majority), kaolin and montmorillonite, green clay ER is rich in calcium and iron. It is particularly suitable for mattifying and purifying oily skin and hair.
  • Red clay ER : Its red color comes from its richness in oxidized iron. It has properties ideal for reducing diffuse red blotches of the face and restore luminosity to the complexion.


Cosmetic applications of Clays ER

Clays ER can be used in many cosmetic products. They provide a more or less pronounced natural coloring depending on the dose used.

Recommended dosage

The amount of clay used in cosmetic formulations depends on the type of care:

  • Shampoos: 1 to 5%
  • Emulsions: 1 to 5%
  • Masks: 10 to 40%
  • Deodorants: 1 to 5%