Butters for cosmetics

Butters are natural thickeners that can be used in the formulation of cosmetic emulsions and care products such as skin balms and hair masks.

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Shea butter, Cirami butter and Monoi butter as cosmetic ingredients

Unlike liquid vegetable oils, cosmetic butters are solid, fatty substances.

Alban Muller obtains butters for cosmetics from the purest raw materials and according to the most responsible manufacturing processes to ensure we are offering only the highest quality of natural cosmetic products.

The benefits of butters
for the skin

Natural thickeners for cosmetic care: Butters are usually used to thicken a cream to the desired texture.

Active ingredients with multiple skin benefits: With moisturizing, nourishing, repairing and soothing properties, butters strengthen the skin’s hydrolipidic film and improve its elasticity. They also protect the skin from external stressors and help fight against aging.

Valued natural treatments

Alban Muller offers several cosmetic butters renowned as multifunctional formulation ingredients. Our line of butters includes:

  • Shea butter: Regenerating, anti-aging and softening with unsaponifiables, this butter is also an anti-oxidant due to its high vitamin E content.
  • Cirami: An exclusive and original blend of shea butter, carnauba wax and beeswax, this butter has remarkable thickening and moisturizing properties.
  • Tahitian Monoï butter AO: Obtained by macerating tiaré flowers in coconut oil, this butter offers hair-enhancing properties while also moisturizing and protecting the skin.

Manufacturing process

The process of making butters for cosmetics is essential. First, the raw material from which the butter is derived — pulp, almonds, seeds, etc. — is crushed or macerated to extract the fat. When preparing an emulsion, hot butter is added in the fatty phase.

Like vegetable oils, butters can be refined to ensure a better preservation of the product and avoid oxidation that can cause rancidity. The refining process also helps remove color and odors that can affect product consistency.

How to use butters for your skin care?

Cosmetic applications
of butters

Oils and butters for cosmetics possess similar properties of hydration, protection and nutrition for the skin. These active formulating ingredients can also be used as natural thickeners, making them ideal for formulating:

  • Cosmetic emulsions
  • Skin and hair balms
  • Hair and skin masks

Butter’s rich texture adds a smooth and supple feel to cosmetic products, spreading easily on the skin for undeniable application comfort.

Depending on the raw materials used, different kinds of cosmetic butters can provide multiple benefits to the skin (e.g., face, neck, lips, body), hair or nails.