Unique blend of 3 plant extracts for a fresh and rested look

Amilook COSMOS certified

  • COSMOS certified complex of three plant extracts: Ginkgo, Horse Chestnut,
    Red Vine.
  • Plants with recognized traditional activities targeted for the eye area.
  • Cocktail of ingredients to boost and strengthen your formulas
  • A single product perfectly traced and dosed


Active ingredients targeted for the eye area!

Ginkgo leaf is a natural activator of the microcirculation. It contains flavonoids with antioxidant properties that protect and strengthen the blood vessels by reducing their permeability.

Organic horse chestnut seed is renowned for its triterpenes with anti-edematous and venoprotective action. It is particularly useful for reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eye area.

Organic red grape leaf comes from dyer grape varieties whose foliage turns red in the fall. Rich in polyphenols, it has angioprotective properties, improves venous circulation and reduces platelet aggregation.



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The eye contour

The appearance of dark circles and puffiness is complex and multifactorial. Lack of sleep, stress and lifestyle are sources of microcirculation disorders and slowing lymphatic drainage.

Efficiency demonstrated in an ALBAN MULLER brand product

Amilook COSMOS certified has been tested by a panel of volunteers in the product Concentré Regard Jeunesse.

The evaluation of this product was carried out by clinical scoring on 21 women of 56 years on average, after one and two months of daily use of the product. The scoring performed by a dermatologist shows:

  • A plumping effect of 42% after two months of application of the product.
  • An anti-puffiness effect with a 73% reduction in puffiness after two months of application of the product.
  • An anti-dark circles effect with a 66% reduction in dark circles after two months of application of the product.


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