Sustainable economy: a priority theme for Alban Muller

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Alban Muller just won a new Award for the Most Sustainable Company at the Future of Sustainability event organized by the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Let’s make a review of our recent actions that contributed to win this award.

The eco-valorization of products to encourage the circular economy

In November 2016, the 5th International Congress of Cosmetopoeia and 1st International Meeting of the Cosmetopoeia of the Pacific was held in Polynesia and was attended by Alban Muller company. This Congress gathered academic researchers and industrialists from the perfume and cosmetics sector on the worldwide Cosmetopée’s advances subject.

Jean-Marc Seigneuret, Ingredients Technical Director for Alban Muller Company and Olivier Touboul, Director of the South Pacific Cosmetology Laboratory, shared their project on eco-valorization of Tahitian grapefruit.

This approach, which is part of a process of encouraging the circular economy, proposes to preserve the pulp and pericarp of grapefruit juice, considered as industrial waste, in order to reuse it in grapefruit extracts for cosmetic purposes, thanks to eco-responsible extraction and drying techniques.

Check out the photos of the event on our Google + page.

The Circular Eco-Extraction Congress: co-valorize the molecules derived from flax-seed by installing a bio refinery

On January 26th, Alban Muller Company also participated in the Circular Eco-Extraction Congress, valorization of the cosmetics vegetal sector, organized in Limoges. Speaking in the session “Local Sourcing Opportunities”, Jean-Marc Seigneuret, Ingredients Technical Director for Alban Muller Company, discussed the topic of “Cosmetic ingredients from the flax-seed bio refinery”.

This collaborative project, supported by the Cosmetic Valley, was created by the company for applications in several complementary industries (agro-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics). This original and innovative example enables Alban Muller Company to go even further in its Societal and Environnemental Responsability approach and in its expertise: develop economically viable and eco-responsible industrial processes and obtain molecules with an interest in cosmetics.