Protecting the oceans with our Eco-Valorizing COSMOS Approved Vegetal Exfoliants

Scrubamis ER

Enhancing your beauty while protecting the oceans – it’s possible!

Our natural, 100% biodegradable exfoliating powders that are made out of fruit kernels and pits from food industry, are both eco-valorizing and completely harmless to the environment.
The manufacturing process of our Scrubamis ER includes decontamination by COSMOS approved thermization, guaranteeing a high quality product. These natural-coloured vegetal powders are suitable for both face and body scrubs, for removing impurities efficiently and gently – providing a new skin –effect!

A radiant, purified and smooth complexion

Alban Muller International offers three Scrubamis® ER with a smooth, rounded surface for gentle exfoliation of the skin:

  • Scrubami® ER Apricot Kernel 200/300: face and body
  • Scrubami® ER Apricot Kernel 300/400: face and body
  • Scrubami® ER Olive Pit 400/500: body

100% green & clean

  • Cosmos Approved
  • 100% natural of plant origin
  • 100% renewable and biodegradable
  • Made in France

Our Scrubamis ER are ideal for:

  • Eliminating dead skin cells
  • Stimulating cell renewal
  • Adding radiance to the complexion
  • Face and body scrubs
  • Exfoliating soaps
  • Exfoliating shower gels and creams