Products to customize

In addition to its vegetal extraction expertise, Alban Muller provides a tailor-made service to the brands that want to develop their own range of cosmetic products. A team of experts and dedicated project managers are available to support you in your projects, wether it is large or small.


Any kind of specifications:

Natural, Cosmebio, Cosmos, Natrue, Halal…

Any kind of textures:

Emulsions, gels, cleansers, butters, oils…

Expertise: natural sensory formulation

Double skills: ingredients/skincare products

Creativity and innovation

  • Range development/line extension
  • Marketing support
  • Innovative actives and natural alternatives
  • Original and sensorial textures

Safety and regulation

  • Stability tests, compatibility test with packagings,
    PAO (Period After Opening), and INCI list
  • Safety tests (challenge and innocuity)*
  • CPNP and PIP**
  • Efficacity tests and use test (consumers)


  • Industrial scale-up : pilote batch
  • Validation of the manufacturing process
  • Quality and traceability according to the ISO 22176 Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Flexibility: tanks from 100 to 3000 kg
  • Any kind of product certifications


Primary packaging:

Jars, tubes, pump-bottles, bottles

Secondary packaging:

Heat-sealing, cartoon boxes, leaflet, labeling, wrapping…

Packaging quality and inventories