Planting of hedgerows at Fontenay-sur-Eure

Alban Muller, l'expert du naturel

To carry on the planting project around the manufacturing site, Alban Muller has set up hedgerows at Fontenay sur Eure in order to draw and preserve its future gardens. A hedgerow is composed of various tree or shrub species representative of biodiversity : Erable, Ash tree, Cherry, Oak tree, Linden, Hornbeam, Dogwood, Apple Tree, Cherry Tree of Holy Lucie, Blackthorn etc…

A strong action which confirms the company’s commitments to biodiversity. Indeed, hedgerows offer board and lodging to the wildlife, which is essential to the environmental balance. Because of intensive agriculture, their disappearance causes the spread of pest and increase use of pesticides.

More than a project, an act of support

As part of its efforts for the valorization of people and environment, Alban Muller used the services of a medico-social institution to give people with disabilities the opportunity to access professional activities.

We thank the whole team and stakeholders involved in the project.