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Your skin deserves the best

New studies continue to prove it: Consumers are more and more demanding in their choice of cosmetic products. They want natural formulas, designed with respect for the environment, and without health hazards.
For more than 40 years, Alban Muller has been selecting and developing ingredients combining naturalness, safety, innocuousness and respect for the environment, to offer sensorial and effective formulas – with complete peace of mind.

Discover our offer of multifunctional formulation ingredients

Alban Muller offers natural solutions to replace synthetic ingredients. Each formulation ingredient brings a specific technical asset, while also – thanks to their cosmetic properties – reinforcing the activities of your products.

  • Alternative to silicones: Lipolami® ER, emollient active ingredient that protects the skin barrier
  • Alternative to polymers: Amigum, multifunctional moisturizing, gelling and stabilizing agent
  • Alternative to synthetic pigments: Tinctamis® NSH, the color of natural! Our Tinctamis® NSH are tinctorial extracts with recognized cosmetic plant activities
  • Alternative to synthetic antioxidants: Amiox ER, vegetal antioxidant
  • Alternative to polyethylene microbeads: Scrubamis ER, plant-origin exfoliating powders

100% Green & Clean

  • COSMOS approved ingredients
  • Resulting from eco-responsible manufacturing processes
  • From sustainable raw materials
  • Made in France

For natural and sensorial formulas:

  • In all cosmetic products
  • Hygiene products
  • Face, body and hair care
  • Natural makeup products