Quality and know-how

Alban Muller is a leader in the natural cosmetics industry. Renowned for excellence, it has recognized certifications, an environmentally-friendly policy, and a high-performance scalable technique to guarantee the quality of its products.

Alban Muller, a trusted partner

Historical expert in natural cosmetics

Alban Muller has been working since 1978 on the utilization of plant-based active ingredients. For 40 years, our cosmetic lab has been developing extracts and treatments recognized for their quality and effectiveness.

Efficient extraction of active ingredients 

We possess a unique knowledge of the extracting of active ingredients from plants, developed using advanced techniques perfected over time.

Product traceability

We are serious about the quality of the products we market and our cosmetic lab guarantees  supply traceability.

From plant seed to final product, we control our entire production chain. We favor local crops, water and energy-saving processes, waste recycling and recovery…


GMP* Certification for Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

Best practices—in our cosmetic laboratory and as part of our organizational strategy— ensure quality reproduction and manufacturing of our products.

Our production, control, storage and shipping processes garnered GMP (*Good Manufacturing Practices) certifications for our cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Why Trust us with your Natural Cosmetics Projects?

Global Expertise

From ingredient development to formulated product delivery, we master every stage in the development of our natural cosmetics.

Exclusive, Customized, Turnkey Service

We support our clients through every stage of their projects. We strive to listen and understand their needs as part of a customized service. We also help manage their legal file, delivering a customer-focused turnkey service.

Unique Technology: Zeodratation

Based on our experience, we have developed a unique technique in the cosmetic industry: zeodratation. This technology serves to create standardized extracts that are concentrated and titrated into active molecules. This optimized drying technique is energy-efficient and ecologically clean to preserve the extracts effectiveness.

Researching Natural and Sensory Alternatives

Rather than using chemical ingredients in the composition of our products, Alban Muller looks for natural, biodegradable alternatives. Our resolve is to offer natural cosmetics that utilize the best parts of plants while respecting nature in the process.

CSR Partner, from Eco-Design to Eco-Responsibility

Drawing our raw materials from our biodiversity reservoir, and resourcing water from within our environment, our policy aims to respect humankind and the planet. Our natural cosmetics are extracted and manufactured according to eco-responsible processes. A CSR partner (Corporate Social Responsibility), we engage local agricultural partners. We are active members of the Cosmetic Valley as investors in collaborative research projects, including the Charter for more eco-responsible Cosmetics.