For Alban Muller International, employees are the rich capital. This is why the company has grown with its employees, as they are the company’s rich capital. Management is committed to employees’ involvement in the organization and strategic directions.  A corporate project launched in 2012, with collective participation, led to the creation of our values charter. The company respects its people and promotes diversity, inclusiveness, equity of opportunity and development of skills.


Our values


  • Eco-responsibility
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Client’s satisfaction
  • Expertise


  • Pride/Dignity
  • Solidarity
  • Conviviality
  • Diversity
  • Partnership

Respecting partners and communities

Through strong, transparent and long-lasting partnerships, the company and its local engagement actively contribute to the economic performance of the region.

Signatory of the Cosmetic Valley eco-responsible charter, the company is engaged in collective efforts for continuous environmental and societal improvements with the support of local authorities. Over 70% of the plants we use in the production of our solutions are from sustainable and local agriculture.

We also ethically source from suppliers around the world. Ethical trade assures us of fair and respectful working conditions. For example, our Organic Repulpami ER COSMOS certified comes from certified organic plants cultivated in Senegal. Plants are carefully collected and sorted manually by Senegalese women.

This production contributes to the development of local economy and education.