CSR and sustainable development

Since its foundation in 1978, the company’s policy is based on one main commitment: respecting people and our planet. To limit the environmental impact as much as possible, the group develops products according to an strict eco-responsible approach.


Corporate strategy for Sustainable development

Alban Muller has established a strategy strongly focused on sustainable development, protection of biodiversity, and technology-enabled continuous improvements in vegetal extraction. An eco-design concept has been integrated in each step of our manufacturing process. All the steps to create a natural ingredient are rigorously controlled, from the plant seed to the final product.

A historic commitment

Recognized and certified CSR approach

Since 2015, our CSR approach has been evaluated annually by EcoVadis, an independent ranking organization. The assessment is carried out according to international standard proving guidelines for social responsibility ISO 26000.

In 2021, we received the highest level of rating “EcoVadis Platinum” with a total score of 73/100, placing the company in the top 1% of companies in the industry.

Because our commitment to protect the nature applies to everything we do, our efforts and promises have been rewarded multiple times.