Vegetal extraction :
an effective ecological approach

Developing 100% natural, high-quality plant extracts requires an eco-responsible approach at every stage of the manufacturing process. From ecological production to resource and waste management, Alban Muller’s unique process respects both people and the environment.

From plant to plant extract

To develop natural products and ingredients of the highest quality, we obtain vegetable extracts and other raw materials from resources located in the French countryside.

We carefully select plant varieties that are high in active ingredients, allowing us to design high-performance cosmetic solutions and pharmaceutical extracts with multiple consumer benefits.

To protect this precious resource, we promote cultivation in the Beauce region of France (near our production site) to limit wild harvesting, preserve biodiversity and trace the origin of our plants.

By harvesting the richest part of the plant, we guarantee a constant quality in our plant extracts while reducing the use of solvents and energy. This ecological gesture aligns with our environmental policy.

Sustainable management of resources and waste

Better management of plant waste

Our eco-responsible manufacturing processes are designed to reduce waste: in addition to reusing pallets and packaging, we also compost the plant waste generated during production.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Through our environmental choices and good manufacturing practices, we’ve been able to optimize our fuel and electricity consumption, cut waste production, and reduce our environmental impact when transporting our goods and people.

Ecological and economical manufacturing processes

Globally exclusive eco-responsible plant extracts

Each step of our plant extract manufacturing process is verified to respect both people and the environment:

  • We recycle used solvents.
  • Unused plant residues are biodegradable, allowing them to be composted and returned to the fields.
  • Our manufacturing processes are energy efficient and fully safeguard the integrity of active ingredients to ensure the production of superior-quality plant extracts.

Unique processes of optimal quality

Exclusive to Alban Muller, our extraction processes are essential to developing high-quality plant extracts with optimal efficiency.

  • We macerate the plants in an exclusively natural solvent: a water- or plant-based water-ethanol mixture.
  • We eliminate solvents through concentration by vacuum evaporation.
  • Microbial decontamination occurs through flash pasteurization, an energy-efficient technique that is respectful of the active ingredients’ integrity.
  • We then dry the resulting extracts using a unique energy-efficient and pollutant-free technique called zeodration.
  • Finally, we solubilize native plant extracts in a plant-based glycerin support (rapeseed).

This process yields 100% natural plant extracts of optimum quality.

Building eco-responsible partnerships

Our agricultural partners

We aspire to have a positive impact on the environment without compromising product quality. By working with agricultural partners located near our production site, we are able to:

  • Reduce transport-related pollution
  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Improve product control and traceability
  • Control cultivation techniques in accordance with good agricultural practices and good manufacturing practices for post-harvest processing
  • Control the analysis and certification of our plants post-harvest, including the identification of active ingredient contents and contaminants

Cosmetic Valley

We are active members of Cosmetic Valley, the world’s leading perfume and cosmetics resource center. Serving as its President from 2005 to 2011, Alban Muller helped open the association to eco-responsible manufacturing approaches.

We also support Cosmetic Valley in collective research projects such as the development of the Charter for an Eco-Responsible Cosmetic Valley. Renowned companies including Dior, Chanel, LVMH and Guerlain adopted this charter in the presence of the President of the French Senate.