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Private label cosmetic products

Are you looking for a trusted partner to create your own cosmetic brand or innovative products? French cosmetic company Alban Muller can develop your cosmetic line.


The Unique Expertise of a French Cosmetic Company

With close 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of natural cosmetics, our team of experts is ready to serve you.

Alban Muller is a cosmetic company located in France. With a production site located near Chartres, in the heart of the Cosmetic Valley, clients benefit directly from a French know-how recognized around the world for the quality of its cosmetic production.

We are leaders in all stages of cosmetic manufacturing—from the ingredient to the packaged product—certifying traceability. We also conduct full quality analysis on our products.

Do you want to create a cosmetic brand? Is your cosmetic company based in France or abroad, and looking to expand its product line with innovative natural products? We are the ideal partners to help you realize your project.

What you get: our expertise, our production unit’s mastery of high-tech processes, and the guarantee of 100% natural products of the highest quality.

Alban Muller’s Highest Quality Standards

We are determined to deliver the highest quality standards to ensure total customer satisfaction.

With our concept-to-delivery production plant for products and ingredients, we are committed to offering production techniques compliant with our environmental and societal charter.

With a Label d’État EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), we are proud of the recognition our products and best practices have obtained over many years.

They are the most relevant proof of our cosmetic company know-how in France and abroad, and of the quality of our cosmetic production.

We have obtained recognized certifications:

  • Certifications ISO 9001 & ISO 22716
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliance for cosmetic ingredients
  • Certification EU BPF Partie II : Good manufacturing Practices for active pharmaceutical substances
  • Ecological and organic cosmetics
  • FDA (US Food and Drug Administration):FDA registration as manufacturer of ingredients for food supplements (# 18976328000) and OTC products (Facility ID # 3002656672)

Flexible, High Performance Equipment

Our production area is located on a 6000 m² industrial site. There are 2 labs on location, where the overall production of your cosmetic products and ingredients take place:

  • An R&D lab
  • A cosmetic formulation lab


Our production site is comprised of:

  • Our production workshops
  • A laboratory for quality control of raw materials and manufactured products: analytical control for the Group, laboratory for monitoring site production.
  • A storage warehouse
  • Offices

To complement our cosmetic production, we produce plant extracts in liquid and dry form for the homeopathic industry.

Our factory’s daily production capacity handles cosmetic production for the renowned international brands with ease while helping new companies create their own cosmetic brand.

To execute your projects, we provide:

  • Vacuum vessels from 100 kg to 3 tons
  • Production capacity of 12 tons of bulk per day
  • Filling capacity of 30,000 units per day
  • Manufacturing and packaging of finished cosmetic products
  • Production and packaging approved by the Natural & Bio standards (Cosmos, Ecocert).
  • Additional services to adapt your formulas to European regulations.

We produce 10 tons of liquid extracts and 1 ton of dry extracts daily.

Our daily production capacity includes:

  • 5 tons of white products : fluids or thick emulsions
  • 9 tons of liquid products : lotions and shampoos.

You’ve got it: Alban Muller is the French cosmetics company that will help you expand. We are your trustworthy industrial partners.

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