Natural alternatives
for the cosmetic industry

Alban Muller researches and develops 100% alternatives of natural origin to synthetic ingredients to replace silicones, parabens and polyethylene beads in the formulation of cosmetic products.

Amigel® - Gelling agent and stabilizer

Amigel® is an alternative to carbomer and other synthetic agents of petrochemical origin. Made of 100% polysaccharide of natural origin with exceptional gelling and thickening properties, Amigel® is an incomparable stabilizing agent for the formulation of emulsions and suspensions. It also offers moisturizing properties as well as a uniquely soft and supple texture to cosmetic products.

A very stable molecule derived from biotechnology, Amigel® gives a touch of incomparable softness and can stabilize even the most delicate cosmetic formulas.

Amigel® is compatible with all cosmetic ingredients and is resistant to physical and chemical stresses. It is perfect for formulating products such as:

  • Active gel with suitable viscosity
  • Hair care products
  • Make-up
  • Sunscreen
  • Spray products

Amipreserve - Authorized preservative of natural origin

Amipreserve is a paraben-free preservative of 100% natural origin that safely and effectively replaces synthetic preservatives.

Composed of a 100% plant-based pure salicylic acid molecule, Amipreserve is extracted from wintergreen, a plant known for its high content of salicylated derivatives. This natural origin and eco-responsible version of salicylic acid can be used as a preservative of natural origin in cosmetic products such as foaming gels or emulsions.

Manufactured according to eco-responsible manufacturing processes, Amipreserve results from an approach based on eco-design and sustainable development. It is currently one of the few preservatives of natural origin authorized by regulations for use in natural cosmetic formulations.

Lipolami® ER - Soft-touch texture agent

Lipolami® ER is a multifunctional ingredient. It protects the skin barrier and offers an alternative of natural origin to silicone.

This dry-touch fluid oil is obtained from milk thistle, a plant not commonly used in cosmetics. Its exceptional sensorial textures are ideally suited for emulsions and foaming products.

Lipolami® ER enables the formulation of natural emulsions that have a smooth, non-sticky texture, providing a feeling of extreme softness on application.

With a fluidity that more closely resembles water than oil, Lipolami® ER spreads easily on the skin, enabling the formulation of cosmetic products that are pleasant and comfortable to use.

Multifunctional, this cosmetic ingredient of natural origin is a source of omega-6 which is scientifically proven to help protect the cutaneous barrier.

Lipolami® ER possesses exceptional dispersing and solubilizing properties for sunscreen products, make-up and perfume, including:

  • Stability and fineness of emulsions
  • Solubilization of perfumes (perfume bases and essential oils)
  • Solubilization of fatty substances

Natural exfoliants

Scrubamis®: Soft natural exfoliants

Scrubamis® enable the formulation of natural cosmetic products such as emulsions and exfoliating face or body gels without the use of polyethylene beads.

An exfoliating powder made of 100% natural fruit cores or shells, Scrubamis® particles are fully renewable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The smooth surface and round structure of the particles allows these soft exfoliants to smooth the skin, promote a radiant and even complexion, and improve cell renewal.

Highly dispersible, the particles blend perfectly into your final product, while their beige to dark brown shade delicately colors your cosmetics in a natural way.

The Scrubamis® line is available in five variations, each available in several particle sizes according to your desired application:

  • Scrubami® Abricot 
  • Scrubami® Amande
  • Scrubami® Coco
  • Scrubami® Noix
  • Scrubami® Olive

Silicami® : Natural premium exfoliant

The environmentally friendly alternative to polyethylene beads, Silicami® is the best silica powder on the market for formulating natural cosmetics such as anti-dandruff shampoos, emulsions, and facial or body exfoliating gels.

A pure white exfoliating powder of mineral origin, Silicami® is 100% natural. This high quality and chemically inert ingredient provides a number of benefits, including smoothed skin, more even complexion, immediate shine and improved cell renewal.

Silicami® comes in three particle sizes for specific applications:

  • Silicami® 15-40 microns for the face
  • Silicami® microns for face and body
  • Silicami® 200-500 microns for the body

Particle size and shape are homogeneous for an ideal distribution in products and on the skin. Highly dispersible, Silicami® is guaranteed to be free of nanoparticles.

Silicami® is odorless and will not alter the color of your product.