Cosmetic Formulation : À la carte

Want to design a new product aligned with your brand? Looking to create an innovative cosmetic formula or a more customized product? Alban Muller’s dedicated team of experts can help you succeed.

State-of-the-art R&D Center

For nearly 40 years, our team of experts – cosmetologists, botanists, biochemists, and pharmacists – design and manufacture high quality natural cosmetic formulas and ingredients.

10% to 15% of our turnover is dedicated to the research of innovative cosmetic formulations.

Our Labs

In 2016, Alban Muller International Group opened a new R&D center in Fontenay-Sur-Eure, home of their head office and industrial production site.

This new center is comprised of 2 new labs:

  • An ingredients lab dedicated to developing high-tech natural assets
  • A cosmetics lab responsible for developing natural finished products

We are experts in cosmetic formulation. Each year, we create 150 new formulas for our customers.

Our Formulas

Our Ready-to-Beauty Line

Our Ready-for-Beauty product line presents a broad range of turnkey sensory treatments and emulsions for face and body, and for multiple applications. 100% Made in France. It consists of: cleansers, serums, day, creams, night cream, eye contour,  masks, body care. Every product is free of paraben, silicones, mineral oils and alcohol.

The cosmetic formulation of our Ready-for-Beauty line is available free of charge, and includes safety testing. We deliver finished products based on natural cosmetic ingredients, marketable in any territory.

Ready-for-Beauty Line Features

  • Soft sensory textures free of paraben, silicones, and mineral oils
  • Formulas rich in plant extracts and tested natural active ingredients
  • No development costs
  • Products manufactured in France and entirely traceable
  • A GMP ISO 22716-certified line
  • We execute stability, challenge, patch and ocular tests
  • Ready to launch as of 2 months

Manufacturing Conditions and Timeline

Starting at 300 Kg
Minimum manufacturing time: 2 months
Fast delivery in bulk: 8-10 weeks

Optional services on request:
Compatibility test : +4 months
Filling: +2 to 4 weeks

Customized Development of Your Cosmetic Formulation

Our expert formulators in our R&D center and labs are there to serve you.


3 Steps to Custom Cosmetic Formulation


We offer regular follow-ups, a transparent collaboration process and support for all essential stages of your project:


  • Formulation: Our R&D center designs your personalized cosmetic formulation based on your brand and design brief: benchmarking, target price and label analysis
  • Manufacturing of high-quality finished products, made in France and certified ISO 22716 / ISO 9001 / State label EPV / COSMOS NAT / COSMOS ORG…
  • Packaging: primary/secondary packaging, packaging control and inventory, compatibility tests with your packaging…

Customized Development Services

Developing your customized cosmetic formulation also includes these other services:

  • Safety and effectiveness testing of your custom-made cosmetic formulation
  • Regulatory management of your file (PIF) and product safety
  • Project management by a dedicated Project Manager
  • The guarantee of a formation that is certified and unique in quality.

Manufacturing Conditions and Timeline

Starting at 300 Kg
Minimum manufacturing time: 10 months

Development: 1 to 4 months
Bulk production: 6 to 8 weeks
Filling: 2 to 4 weeks
Security Tests and PIF (Product Information File): 6 months
Efficiency tests: on request

Industrial Partnership

Our R&D lab expertise and capacity for production allow us to offer cosmetic companies flexibility in managing their international projects as they are manufacturing their cosmetic formulas in a certified French factory.

Alban Muller is the trusted partner of cosmetic companies in the manufacturing of their cosmetic products.

For your certified projects or 100% Made in France, our teams support you in industrializing your formulas.

Terms ands conditions :

  •  Starting at 1000 Kg
  • Deadline: depending on the project.