Youthful Hand Cream

Youthful Hand Cream



Formulation highlights

This hand cream formulated with lamellar phase emulsifier mimicking the skin lipid barrier, shea butter and sunflower oil, it moisturizes, nourishes and protects the hands. It penetrates quickly and does not have a sticky feel. Enriched with active ingredients having moisturizing, repairing and brightening properties. It helps to regenerate the skin and helps to fight against the appearance of dark spots for younger looking hands.

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  • Soft and fresh

Active properties and possible marketing claims

Moisturizing: Hyaluronic Acid
Repairing & Regeneration: Preparami®ER, Cosme-Phytami®Arnica and Cosme-Phytami®Horsetail
Anti-Dark Spot: Sand Lily Extract and Cosme-Phytami®Lemon