Well-being airy cream

Well-being airy cream



Formulation highlights

This airy cream brings an immediate sensation of wellbeing with a melting wiped cream texture. Formulated with natural emulsifiers, natural gelifying agents, shea butter and natural oils, it penetrates quickly with a velvety sensation. Enriched with active ingredients having moisturizing, nourishing, rejuvenating, tonifying and firming properties, this airy cream is a perfect care to have a younger looking skin.

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  • Cotton Flower

Active properties and possible marketing claims

Moisturizing: Amiporine®ER, Organic Aloe Vera, Natural Moisturizing Factor and Cosme-Phytami®Cotton Seed
Rejuvenating: Amiporine®ER and Amiperfect ER
Tonifying & Firming: Cosme-PhytaMIX®Tonifying