Soothing Active Cosmetic Ingredient

Soothing Active Cosmetic Ingredient

Amiderm ER

Amiderm ER is a soothing active cosmetic ingredient that respects the skin’s physiological balance. It is the natural daily ally of athletes and babies, and the ideal active ingredient for delicate or irritated skin.

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The soothing cosmetic ingredient

Solubilized in glycerin, Amiderm ER belongs to the tested actives and contributes to the stabilization of the skin’s pH. It’s made of:

  • Plant-based amino acids
  • Hamamelis (witch hazel) bark extract
  • Oak gall extract

The benefits of Amiderm ER for the skin

Amiderm ER is a soothing active cosmetic ingredient, which provides many benefits, including:

  • Reducing and preventing unpleasant odors: Useful in natural deodorants that respect the physiological and biological balance of the skin. Ideal for athletes.
  • Reducing irritation: As Cytokalmine® ER, Amiderm ER is an ideal soothing effect for diaper rashes in infants and redness caused by sensitive and irritated skin.
  • Stabilizing the skin’s pH: A 100% natural solution for healthy and balanced skin through a smart anti-urease effect.
  • Optimal skin hydration through addition of amino acids

Hamamelis Properties

Hamamelis, also known as witch hazel, was first discovered around 1548. This shrub has long been used in cosmetics for its softening and regenerating properties. Witch hazel distilled water is one of the most widely used health care products in the United States.

Purifying, softening and astringent hamamelis is used to prepare skincare for oily, damaged and sensitive skins. This microcirculation activator helps diminish diffuse redness of the face.

By distilling the bark of young twigs with water vapor, we obtain a tonic, refreshing “floral water”, which can be used namely in aftershave lotions.

Rich in phenolic compounds, and especially in hamamelitanins, witch hazel bark is an effective antioxidant. It can be used in sun-protecting or aging skin preparations.

We use Hamamelis in our 100% natural plant extracts.

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Oak Gallnut Properties

Oak gallnuts have been harvested since ancient times for medicinal and dyeing purposes. Aleppo’s region was renowned throughout the Roman Empire for producing large quantities.

Very rich in phenolic compounds, oak gallnuts have antioxidant properties. This ingredient is ideal in anti-aging and soothing cosmetic treatments as well as products for stressed and irritated skin.

The anti-inflammatory gallnut is often used to treat skin conditions.

The astringent and purifying gallnut is particularly recommended in skincare for acne-prone oily skin and for natural deodorants.

Oak gallnut is also used in lightening treatments.

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Tested efficiency

An in vitro test was performed for pH measurements.

How to use this soothing active?

Cosmetic applications of Amiderm ER

Amiderm ER can be used in the following products:

  • Nappy rash prevention and protection products
  • Deodorants
  • Intimate hygiene, comfort products
  • Body care for sport

Use level

1 – 2 %

INCI name

Glycerin (and) Water (and) Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Bark/Leaf Extract (and) Quercus Infectoria (Oak) Gall Extract (and) Arginine (and) Leucine

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