Anti-aging Active Cosmetic Ingredient for Radiant Complexion

Anti-aging Active Cosmetic Ingredient for Radiant Complexion


Extracted from water-soluble proteins of Tahitian black pearls, Pearlami is the jewel of mature, dull or tired skin. Enhance complexion radiance and obtain younger-looking skin with Pearlami - an Alban Muller innovation.

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Alban Muller research invests its expertise to serve beauty by creating an innovative 100% natural active anti-aging ingredient.

Developed from authentic black pearls from Tahiti, Pearlami is an extract of Tahitian black pearl water-soluble proteins stabilized in plant-based glycerin. This tested cosmetic ingredient is at the cutting edge of innovation.

The pearl’s unequivocal image of luxury in jewelry now transcends to the cosmetic industry.

Tahitian black pearl water-soluble protein extract opens the door to a new generation of cosmetics is born, thanks to


Rich in amino acids, water-soluble Tahitian black pearl protein extract provides regenerating benefits to mature, dull or damaged skin.

  • Reinforced barrier function: skin is hydrated and protected against external irritants, thanks to involucrin.
  • Anti-aging active: water-soluble Tahitian black pearl protein extract improves the overall appearance of the skin.
  • Cellular regeneration: stimulates cell renewal. The complexion is more radiant; the skin, normal. Also discover, Amiperfect ER, active tested for brightening.

Tahitian Black Pearl Water-Soluble Protein Extract

A most remarkable natural process allows for the oyster to repair its altered shell itself. How? The mother-of-pearl-producing cells make it possible to manufacture a self-mineralizing organic matrix.

The extract of water-soluble proteins in Tahitian black pearl stimulates the synthesis of essential proteins such as the involucrin, essential for the formation of the barrier function and which plays a role in structuring the deep layers of the epidermis and the formation of the corneous layer.

Eco-Responsible Pearl Farming

Pearlami is a 100% natural high-quality active ingredient.

In accordance with Alban Muller’s approach to preserving the environment, the water-soluble Tahitian black pearl protein extract is derived from black pearls harvested through eco-responsible pearl farming.

High-Quality Ingredient

Unlike Pinctada Fucata, Japan’s most popular white oyster, Alban Muller develops its water-soluble Tahitian black pearl protein extract from the Tahitian endemic oyster: Pinctada Magaritifera.

The black pearl, much rarer than the white pearl, provides Pearlami (from which the name is derived) with an extract of very high quality. Quality is all the more notorious when it is known that the cosmetic industry uses oyster shell powder or mother-of-pearl of significantly lower quality.

Tested efficacy

A series of ex vivo tests was carried out on the Pearlami attesting its effectiveness:

  • Study of general morphology
  • Ki67 marker: regeneration of epidermal cells
  • Involucrin marker: reinforces barrier function

Applications for cosmetics

Pearlami can be used in different cosmetic range:

  • Complexion perfector
  • Regenerating products
  • Anti-aging products

Usage level


INCI name

EU: Glycerin - Hydrolyzed conchiolin protein
US: Glycerin (and) Hydrolyzed conchiolin protein