Preservative of natural origin

Preservative of natural origin


Amipreserve is a safe and effective solution for protecting and preserving cosmetic products. Colorless and odorless, this formulation ingredient of natural origin replaces preservatives derived from petrochemicals and essential oils, both of which are potential allergens.

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The preservative of natural origin

Preservatives are mandatory ingredients in the formulation of cosmetics, essential to preserving care products from microbial contamination.

At Alban Muller, we are experts in researching plant-based active ingredients and formulating natural products. We develop innovative solutions to offer effective natural alternatives to commonly used synthetic substances.

Case in point: we used salicylic acid developed from the wintergreen leaf to create Amipreserve, a major innovation in cosmetic formulation. Consisting of 100% plant-based pure salicylic acid molecule, Amipreserve is one of the first cosmetic formula preservative of natural origin available on the market.

This alternative of natural origin to parabens is a multifunctional formulation ingredient offering all the properties of salicylic acid:

  • Purifying
  • Brightening
  • Exfoliating

The benefits of Amipreserve for the skin

Amipreserve provides a number of benefits for the formulation of cosmetic products, including:

Wintergreen: a renewable plant source

To manufacture Amipreserve, Alban Muller turned to wintergreen. Its leaves contain an essential oil rich in salicylated derivatives, which we have adapted to develop a plant-based salicylic acid of natural origin.

To extract the pure molecule of salicylic acid, wintergreen essential oil is first extracted by distillation of the leaves. This essential oil concentrated in methyl salicylate is then hydrolyzed to isolate the totally salicylic acid of natural origin.

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An alternative to parabens

Many cosmetic brands use synthetic preservatives such as the controversial propylparaben and methylparaben. In line with our environmental policy, Alban Muller offers an official preservative of natural origin that respects both the skin and the environment.

Tested efficiency

Alban Muller Research conducted a series of tests on Amipreserve to verify its effectiveness as an alternative of natural origin to common synthetic preservatives (parabens and phenoxyethanol). The tests performed on a foaming gel and an emulsion attest to the effectiveness of Amipreserve.

How to use this preservative of natural origin for your skin care?

Cosmetic applications of Amipreserve

Amipreserve from plant-based is one of the few preservatives of natural origin approved by regulation and now available on the market to be used in natural cosmetic formulations. It is recommended for the preservation of:

  • Foaming gels
  • Emulsions

It prevents the development of micro-organisms (bacteria and fungi) for more durable cosmetic products — without any harmful side effects for the skin.

Use level

Certain active ingredients have strictly regulated limits regarding the dosage that can be used. The dosage for Amipreserve in your formulation must comply with the following limits for your region:

  • Europe: 0.5%
  • Japan: Less than or equal to 0.2%
  • To maintain its performance, Amipreserve must be formulated at pH 3 to pH 5.

INCI name

Salicylic acid

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