Moisturizing hand cream

Moisturizing hand cream



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This hand cream with its soft and cushioning texture, moisturizes, protects and regenerates your hands. Formulated with natural emulsifier, gelifying agents, shea butter, a blend of natural oils and a natural oil with a silicone like texture, Lipolami®ER, it penetrates rapidly without leaving a sticky and greasy sensation on your hands. Can be applied throughout of the day to take care of hands while continuing your daily activities.
Lipolami®ER: Made from milk thistle is a blend of esters with a dry-touch. As an alternative to silicone and a source of omega 6, Lipolami®ER combines sensory properties with exceptional skin benefits.

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  • No perfume

Active properties and possible marketing claims

Moisturizing: Softami Cosmos certified, Hyaluronic Acid and Organic Aloe Vera Gel
Nourishing & Regenration: Softami Cosmos certified, Lipolami®ER and Shea Butter