Gelling agent and stabilizer

Gelling agent and stabilizer


Amigel® is a gelling agent and stabilizer that provides natural cosmetic treatments with a soft and supple texture — transforming a simple emulsion into pleasant, moisturizing, easy-to-apply skin care.

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Gelling agent for cosmetics

Amigel® is an active ingredient for formulation created through Alban Muller Research. Amigel® is a stable 100% polysaccharide of natural origin, not an emulsifier.

Compatible with the vast majority of cosmetic ingredients, Amigel® is highly resistant to chemical and physical stresses. It forms a network around oily particles, preventing them from joining together to ensure emulsions remain stable over time.

Amigel® is a stable molecule derived from biotechnology:

  • Triple-helix form: aggregation-free, better solubility, age-resistant
  • Non-ionic molecule: limited interactions with other molecules

A high-performance stabilizer developed through green chemistry, this active ingredient integrates perfectly with cosmetic formulas such as skin care and hair care.

Several tests have demonstrated the ability of Amigel® to stabilize emulsions without the use of emulsifiers. This 100% polysaccharide of natural origin also has highly effective suspensory capabilities that are more effective than xanthan gum.

The benefits of Amigel® for the skin

With its unique texture and exceptional stabilizing properties, Amigel® brings a number of benefits to cosmetic products, including:

  • Unmatched stability of emulsions and suspensions
  • Natural alternative to carbomer and other synthetic agents of petrochemical origin
  • Soft and supple touch and feel
  • Moisturizing properties

Gelling agent for extreme conditions

It can be difficult to create stable gels when using ingredients like alcohol, salts or essential oils. While many other gelling agents can be conditioned by one or more of these ingredients, Amigel® perfectly integrates with even the most delicate formulations.

An alternative to carbomer

Like Amigum, thanks to its suspensive properties, Amigel® is an alternative to carbomer and other synthetic agents of petrochemical origin. This 100% polysaccharide of natural origin hydrates through its film-forming action on the skin’s surface.

Tested efficiency

Alban Muller research has developed and tested Amigel® to provide cosmetic products with incomparable efficiency, including:

  • Stability of gels under extreme physical and chemical conditions
  • Stability of emulsions formulated without emulsifiers
  • Exceptional suspension capacity

How to use this gelling agent for your skin care?

Cosmetic applications of Amigel®

High-performance gelling agent and stabilizer Amigel® provides a smooth and supple texture to numerous cosmetics products, including:

  • Emulsions
  • Active gels with specific viscosity for heavy leg care, eye contour, etc.
  • Vaporizable suspensions
  • Hair care products (e.g., structuring gels, hair dye base)
  • Make-up (e.g., powdered suspensions for foundation, mascaras, glitter gels)
  • Sun protection products

Use level

Amigel® gels and stabilizes cosmetic care products based on the dosage used in their formulations:

  • Less than 0.5%: formulating a vaporizable suspension
  • 0.5 to 1.5%: thickening an emulsion
  • 0.8 to 1.2%: formulating a gel
  • 1.0 to 2.0%: formulating in extreme or delicate conditions

INCI name

Sclerotium gum

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