Insta-Fresh Cream Gel

Insta-Fresh Cream Gel


Face and neck

Formulation highlights

This cream-gel provides an instant feeling of freshness and comfort. Non-greasy, its silky texture is quickly absorbed by the skin. Formulated with a natural origin emulsifier, camelia and argan oils, this cream-gel immediately refreshes, soothes, moisturizes and protects your skin from external pollutants for a brighter complexion.

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  • White lotus

Active properties and possible marketing claims

Anti-Pollution : Protectami®, Cosme-Phytami®Horsetail, Lipidami®Papaya
Soothing & Moiturization : Cosme-Phytami®Great Burdock and Cosme-Phytami®Marsh Mallow
Tonifying : Cosme-Phytami®Horsetail and Lemon Balm Water