Silky Light Cream

Silky Light Cream


Face and body

Formulation highlights

With its light and smooth texture, this cream dresses the skin with a pleasant, protective and silky like veil. Formulated with a natural origin emulsifier, gellifying agent, camelia oil, shea butter and Lipolami®ER, this light cream with silicone like texture moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates your skin.
Lipolami®ER: Made from milk thistle is a blend of esters with a dry-touch. As an alternative to silicone and a source of omega-6, Lipolami®ER combines sensory properties with exceptional skin care benefits.

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  • Floral

Active properties and possible marketing claims

Anti-aging: Padinami®, Cosme-Phytami®Green Tea and Cosme-Phytami®Red-Vine
Anti-pollution: Protectami®, Cosme-Phytami®Green Tea, Cosme-Phytami®Red-Vine
Tonifying: Cosme-Phytami®Green Tea and Cosme-Phytami®Red-Vine