Caviar Day Cream

Caviar Day Cream


Face and neck

Formulation highlights

This nourishing cream moisturizes and soothes your skin while regenerating it. Enriched with active ingredients and formulated with sugar-based emulsifiers, shea butter and silicone like texture vegetable ester, it leaves your skin with a silky soft sensation. Day after day, your skin rejuvenates, looks smoother and signs of aging look less visible.

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  • White lotus

Active properties and possible marketing claims

Moisturizing: Amiporine®ER, Padinami® and Peptide
Anti-Aging: Protectami® , Padinami®, Amiporine®ER, Peptide and Caviar Extract
Radiance & Glow: Amiperfect ER and Amiporine®ER