Antioxidant of natural origin

Antioxidant of natural origin

Amiox ER

Amiox ER is a rosemary extract 100% of natural origin stabilized in organic sunflower oil. Its proven activity demonstrates its effectiveness in stabilizing formula by protecting lipophilic ingredients and oily phase of cosmetic formulas against oxidation.

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Natural Protective concentrate for cosmetic products

Oil soluble ingredients and cosmetic formulas are sensitive to oxidation. In contact with air and / or light, oxidation reactions follow a very quick chain propagation ending in denaturating fats and provoking a deterioration of their odor (rancid) and their aspect (yellowing).

Fats used in cosmetics must remain stable all along the lifespan of the finished products, whatever conditions they are submitted to. In particular, oxidation may occur very quickly into emulsions, due to the quantity of oxygen dissolved in the water they contain.

Cosmetic products containing fats must therefore be protected by specific ingredients called antioxidants which will block these oxidation reactions.

Amiox ER is a particularly effective natural alternative to controversial synthetic antioxidants such as BHT (butylhydroxytoluene).

The benefits of Amiox ER

Amiox ER is the natural protective concentrate of your skin-friendly formulas.

Amiox ER keeps your cosmetic products stable and safe and respects the structure of the skin.

  • Non-irritating to the skin (48h patch test)
  • Non-irritating to the eyes (Neutral Red Release: RRN)

A renewable plant source: Rosemary

This medicinal plant, known since Antiquity, was already used for the preservation of fresh foods, in particular to limit the development of pathogens and the rancidity of fats.

Alban Muller was interested in rosemary for the manufacture of Amiox ER and selected the richest variety in antioxidant active molecules: carnosic acid and carnosol.

The manufacturing process of Amiox ER uses an eco-responsible and selective extraction of the rosemary leaves with ethanol of local plant origin. Its concentration of active antioxidants is controlled and guaranteed constant by standardization in organic sunflower oil.

An alternative to synthetic antioxidants

Efficacy tests on Amiox ER has demonstrated an antioxidant efficacy comparable to that of BHT, a conventional synthetic preservative.

Alban Muller offers a true natural and effective alternative to synthetic antioxidants for 100% natural and safe cosmetic products.

Tested efficiency

A series of tests on Amiox ER were carried out to verify its compliance with the expectations of common synthetic preservatives such as BHT.

Three tests demonstrated the full antioxidant action spectrum of Amiox ER and compared it to BHT.

  • Peroxide index (measures the initial products of oxidation)
  • Rancimat test (measures the secondary products of oxidation)
  • Oxipres test (measures the secondary products of oxidation)

How to use this antioxidant of natural origin in your skin care?

Cosmetic applications of Amiox ER

Soluble in oil and fatty phase, Amiox ER is compatible with the majority of ingredients used in cosmetic formulation.

It can be introduced directly into an oil / water emulsion at the end of homogenization, but it is easier to incorporate it first in the fatty phase, hot or cold.

Amiox ER is recommended in several types of products:

  • Oil-soluble ingredients including vegetable oils
  • Emulsions to protect the fatty phase

Use level

0.1 to 0.15%

INCI name

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil (and) Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract.

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