The natural hyperactive concentrate for sensitive skin

The natural hyperactive concentrate for sensitive skin

CytokalmineTM EC

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All affected by skin sensitivity

Everyone’s habits and priorities are constantly rattled, generating a lot of stress. This anxiety-inducing situation is not without consequence for the skin. In moments of crisis, skin becomes more sensitive. Many external and internal factors influence the condition of the skin. While still rare 50 years ago, atopic dermatisis is more widespread today, with a considerable impact on quality of life. Safer and softer for the skin, beauty products for sensitive skin are popular notably in the Asian, European, and American markets.

Pomegranate, the exceptional ingredient

Superfruit universally recognised for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, pomegranate is the greatest natural source of punicalagin, found primarily in the pericarp of the fruit. CytokalmineTM EC originates from the co-valorisation of pericarp taken from organic pomegranate cultivated in France by a partner who is passionate and engaged in protection of the environment and biodiversity. CytokalmineTM EC is obtained through a unique, sustainable process that includes selective extraction and a drying technique, zeodration, that guarantee respect for the environment and stability to temperature-sensitive molecules.

The antioxidant cosmetic ingredient

The longer plant species live, the higher their antioxidant capital. The pomegranate is a fruit tree with a remarkable longevity. A well-being fruit recognised for its antioxidant soothing and regenerative properties.

The pomegranate is the greatest natural source of punicalagin principally concentrated in the pericarp (skin) of the fruit.

This molecule gives pomegranate its stronger antioxidant capacity, extremely sensitive to conditions of extraction, it can be completely hydrolysed in ellagic acid which protects against oxidative stress.

Tested efficiency

The effectiveness of dry extract of pomegranate pericarp has been proven through numerous tests:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties demonstrated by the reduced secretion of cytokines IL-8 (ex vivo test) on explants exhibiting atopic dermatitis
  • Antioxidant action demonstrated by the reduced production of free radicals (ex vivo test)

How to use this antioxidant active?

Cosmetic applications of CytokalmineTM EC

CytokalmineTM EC can be used for:

  • Soothing care for face and hands
  • Refreshing body wash
  • After sun mist
  • After shave products
  • Cold cream for babies
  • Soothing scalp care

Use level

0,1 – 0,3 %

INCI name

Glycerin, Punica Granatum Pericarp Extract

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