Anti-pollution Active Cosmetic Ingredient

Anti-pollution Active Cosmetic Ingredient


Protectami® is an anti-pollution activator created in Alban Muller’s research labs. The active cosmetic ingredient provides protection against the effects of time. It reinforces the epidermis by improving cellular cohesion. It is a particularly effective protective screen against pollution.

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Anti-ageing and anti-pollution cosmetic ingredient

Like Preparami® protective active cosmetic ingredient, Protectami® is one of the high-tech active ingredients in Alban Muller’s line of active ingredient.

This anti-pollution active ingredient par excellence is stabilized in glycerin. It contains purified Padina pavonica extract, the brown alga also found in the Padinami® formula.

The proven properties of Padina make this an active cosmetic ingredient of choice to revitalize skin that appears tired and dull due to the harmful effects of pollution.

The benefits of Protectami® for the skin

The anti-pollution and anti-aging active ingredients of Protectami® inspired targeted cosmetic products with beneficial effects on the skin:

  • Anti-pollution: Padina protects the skin against stress and pollution.
  • Firming: Keratins (intermediate keratin filaments) production is improved. Desmosomes production is reinforced to maintain intercellular bonds to firm the skin. Discover another firming cosmetic active ingredient: Repulpami ER.
  • Defense: Skin becomes more resistant due to stronger cell cohesion and by stimulating the synthesis of calcium-dependent cellular structures such as desmosomes and keratins.
  • Regeneration: Enhanced cellular communication for optimal skin metabolism.

The Anti-Pollution Active Ingredient

Padina’s anti-pollution properties act as an epidermic shield by strengthening the skin, making it more resilient to the effects of pollution.

Vertus et origines de la padine

Padina pavonica is a brown alga commonly found in temperate water. It grows in the Mediterranean Sea and the north-western and north-eastern areas of the Atlantic Ocean. Padina is especially known for its hydrating, regenerating and restructurating properties. It also gives firmness and elasticity to the skin.

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Tested efficiency

Alban Muller’s research team has developed Protectami® by analyzing several efficacy tests on:

  • Increased keratin and desmosome protein levels: in vitro and ex vivo testing
  • Enhanced cellular communication between keratinocytes: in vitro testing
  • Skin protection against pollution: ex vivo testing
  • Increase of LOXL1 synthesis and elastin production by a reduction of enzymatic activity : in vitro testing

How to use this anti-ageing and anti-pollution active?

Cosmetic applications of Protectami®

  • Mature skin
  • City dwellers
  • Smokers

Use level

1 – 4 %

INCI name

Glycerin - Padina Pavonica Thallus Extract

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