All in One Delicate Oil

All in One Delicate Oil


Face and hair

Formulation highlights

With its very light and refined texture, this oil moisturizes, nourishes and strengthen the skin barrier and your hair. Formulated with plant extracts, vegetable oils rich in essential fatty acids and Lipolami®ER, it enhances skin barrier and hair with silky soft texture.
Lipolami®ER: Made from milk thistle is a blend of esters with a dry-touch. As an alternative to silicone and a source of omega 6, Lipolami®ER combines sensory properties with exceptional skin care benefits.

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  • Floral

Active properties and possible marketing claims

Regenerating: Preparami®ER, Lipidami®Centella, Lipidami®Spirulina and Lipolami®ER
Nourishing: Lipolami®ER and Sunflower Oil