Active Ingredient – Anti-pollution Prevention

Active Ingredient – Anti-pollution Prevention

Preparami® ER

Preparami® ER is a high-tech cosmetic active 100% natural which protects and repairs stressed and damaged skin. Thanks to its anti-ageing protection, it limits premature ageing due to stress and pollution.

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The anti-pollution cosmetic ingredient

Preparami® ER is a protective and repairing cosmetic ingredient from Alban Muller’s Research line of tested actives.

This cosmetic ingredient, 100% natural without preservatives, contains a unique Prickly Pear extract stabilized in jojoba oil providing a sensorial feeling, protection against oxidation and soothing properties.

Originally from Mexico, the prickly pear, also called nopal, is a shrubby cactus that grows in warm, dry and rocky environments thanks to its resistant metabolism. Over time, this perennial plant has spread throughout America, the Mediterranean basin, Africa, India and Australia.

The substance extracted from the stems is traditionally used as a poultice to soothe skin inflammations and insect bites.

The benefits of Preparami® ER for the skin

Preparami® ER is a protective active cosmetic ingredient composed of a unique Prickly Pear extract that repairs and protects the skin from daily stress. More specifically it has:

  • Anti-pollution action: Prepares the skin against harsh conditions.
  • Cells Defense booster: Conditions the cell by accelerating the synthesis of HSP proteins (Heat Shock Proteins).
  • Anti-ageing prevention: Anticipates and prevents premature ageing given its antioxidant properties.
  • Repair: Repairs the skin by stimulating the natural repair process of epidermis.
  • Remedial/Regeneration: Like Pearlami it stimulates desmine synthesis for optimal repair of dermis.

Prickly Pear Properties

The Prickly Pear has many medicinal and cosmetic properties.

Several studies have revealed the benefits of Prickly Pear, which may be sourced from different parts of the plant:

  • The flower
  • The stem
  • The fruit

The Protective and repairing cosmetic active ingredient Preparami® ER is an extract of the Prickly Pear Fruit widely known for its antioxidant properties ideal for anti-ageing or preventing products before sun exposure.

The stem of the Prickly Pear also possesses moisturizingsoothing and refreshing qualities, which can be used in care for dry and irritated skin, eye contour products and hand and foot creams. The presence of many organic acids in turn provides exfoliating properties ideal for dull and tired skin.

The flower is rich in minerals and brings vitality and elasticity to mature and tired skin.


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The Prickly Pear

The prickly pear is used for the following properties:

  • Medicinal: antioxidant, digestive, diuretic and hypoglycaemic.
  • Cosmetics: anti-ageing, anti-stress, anti-pollution, healing, moisturizing and soothing.

Tested efficiency

Preparami® ER has been tested on:

  • HSP stimulation in stress conditions: in vitro test
  • Reduction of SA-ß-galactosidase marker of ageing: in vitro test
  • Stimulation of skin repairing factors (PPAR, desmine): ex vivo test

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How to use this anti-pollution active?

Cosmetic applications of Preparami®ER

  • Protective day creams anti-stress and anti-pollution
  • Prevention of premature ageing due to environmental stress
  • Specific care for hands and lips
  • Sun care (before exposure)

Use level

0,5% à 2,5%

INCI name

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil (and) Opuntia Ficus Indica Extract

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