Natural cosmetic ingredients

With over 40 years of experience in producing natural cosmetic ingredients, Alban Muller offers a wide range of plant extracts, performance active ingredients, and multifunctional formulation ingredients.

Our deep appreciation for nature serves as an endless source of inspiration. We draw insights from the adaptation and protection strategies of plants, the diverse properties found in flora's biodiversity, and the study of mechanisms that stimulate the skin's natural physiological processes.

Driven by our research and development expertise, along with our exclusive and environmentally friendly production methods, Alban Muller products have gained international recognition. These ingredients are not only safe but also effective, providing natural alternatives to synthetic ingredients and allowing you to innovate in your cosmetic formulations.

Our ingredients are distributed by Croda International PLC. To explore our complete range, please visit the Croda Personal Care website, where you can find all our references and detailed information about our products.

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