Alban Muller is globally recognised as a trusted partner in the natural cosmetics industry.

Our expertise is deeply rooted in the extraction of active molecules from plant sources, a journey we have embarked upon since 1978. With a focus on quality and effectiveness, our R&D laboratories for cosmetic ingredients and finished products develop extracts and skincare products renowned for their naturalness.

We take pride in our environmentally conscious practices, ensuring the highest standards while minimizing our ecological impact. Our commitment to the environment is supported by various certifications, and we employ advanced tools and progressive techniques to guarantee the quality of our products.

  • ISO22716
  • ISO45001 (en cours de certification/in progress)
  • ISO9001
  • EFfCI
  • Halal
  • RSPO

From sourcing to distribution, we prioritize traceability and transparency throughout our supply chain. We prefer locally sourced and responsibly or organically farmed ingredients. Our processes are designed to be water and energy-efficient, and we actively recycle waste and by-products from our production workshops. These efforts contribute to optimizing our carbon footprint and aligning with our responsible approach.

At Alban Muller, we strive to provide natural, high-quality products while ensuring a sustainable future for both our customers and the environment.