Cosmetic 360 – Our innovative project at the Open Innovation

Cosmetic 360

Natural Double Action A.M.I. GAG Booster

During the Cosmetic 360 trade show, A.M.I. will participate at the “Open Innovation” organized by the Cosmetic Valley to connect major cosmetic players with bearers of innovative projects.

Our collaborative project is a 100% natural active, A.M.I. GAG* Booster, offering a potentializing effect on the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the skin. The promise of the ultimate youth radiance!

1 project, 2 innovations

• A double action:
Precursor/Activator of the synthesis of hyaluronic acid

► A combination of two specific plant extracts with potentializing synergistic actions

• The plant origin of the glucosamine

► Active molecule essential to the synthesis of hyaluronic acid
► A patented process that naturally increases the glucosamine content in the plant

*GAG: “Glycosaminoglycans”, family of molecules including the hyaluronic acid and its precursor: the glucosamine.

► More information on the Cosmetic 360 Open Innovation