Controversy on aluminum salts in deodorants: Alban Muller has the natural, efficient and safe solution!

Deodorants sels aluminium

Thanks to its expertise, Alban Muller has developed Amiderm ER to answer customers high demands:

  • Prevents odors and irritations
  • Stabilizes skin pH thanks to a clever anti-urease action
  • Protects skin microbiote

A synergic action for a healthy and soothed skin

Hamamelis extract: anti-irritation

Thanks to its content in hamamelitanin from hamamelis, little tree commonly growing in North America, Amidern has anti-urease activity which limits irritation and bad smells while preserving the skin natural mecanisms.

Gallnut extract: soothing

Growing out in a Mediterranean climate, gallnuts, rich in tanins, are known and harvested since Antiquity for medicinal uses and particularly for their immediate soothing properties.

Amino acid: hydration

From a vegetal origin, Arginine and Leucine allow an optimal hydration of the skin.

Other cosmetic uses:

Daily freshness and softness of the skin

  • Body and feet hygiene
  • Scalp care

Situations of perspiration and maceration

  • Babies: nappy rash
  • Personal hygiene, comfort product
  • Athletes: before and after sport practice care