Amilook – Cocktail of plant actives to brighten your eyes

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Synergy of actions for a beautified look

Alban Muller International launches Amilook COSMOS Certifieda new active ingredient composed of a unique and optimized blend of three plant extracts: Ginkgo Leaf, Organic Red Vine Leaf and Organic Horse Chestnut Seed. Known for their traditional microcirculation-activating properties, these plants are particularly effective in eye contour care. The eyes regain their freshness as dark circles and puffiness vanish, and wrinkles become plumped up.

The efficacy of Amilook COSMOS Certified proved in an Alban Muller product

As part of the composition of the Youthful Eye Concentrate, a product of the Alban Muller -brand, tested on 21 women for 2 months, Amilook Cosmos Certified demonstrates its efficacy:

  • Anti-puffiness*: 73% reduction of puffiness on 100% of volunteers
  • Anti-dark circles*: 66% decrease in two months on 100% of volunteers
  • Plumping*: 42% increase in plumping effect in two months for 73% of volunteers

*Clinical scoring by a dermatologist over 2 months of application

100% green & clean:

  • COSMOS certified active
  • Made in France
  • Eco-responsible manufacturing process

Several benefits for your eye contour products

  • A synergy of targeted, traditional, complementary activities
  • One single ingredient, perfectly traced and dosed in active molecule
  • Practical interest: one file, one analytical control