Alban Muller wins 2019 CSR initiative award

Alban Muller RSE

For the 25th award ceremony of the 2019 «Trophée des Usines» of French economic magazine «Usine Nouvelle», Alban Muller International won «Best CSR Initiative».

This distinction rewards the best sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing processes and development.

CSR, a lifelong commitment

Since its creation in 1978, the company’s policy driven by its Chairman is based on a founding commitment: respect for man and the planet. For Alban Muller, “CSR is the declination in the management of the company of this initial basic creed: an industrial activity must be done with respect for man and the planet to be sustainable. It has become the DNA of the company. “

An eco-responsible approach from plant seed to end product

Biodiversity is the reservoir from which we draw our raw materials. It is our responsibility to protect, maintain and develop this fragile reservoir. Caring for biodiversity is our priority at every step of the product manufacturing process. That is why we grow raw materials locally, conserve water and electricity, and recycle.

Promoting personal and collective company involvement

At Alban Muller, everyone is involved in CSR and committed to its values. We created our values charter in 2012. Our human resources policy is built on three foundations: professional growth, quality of life and a safe, healthy workplace. And a recent collaborative project brought all employees together to reinforce this approach.