Alban Muller will participate at the Cosmetic 360’s 2016 edition

Cosmetic 360

For the 2nd year in a row, Alban Muller will participate at the COSMETIC 360 trade show, October 13-14, located at the Carrousel du Louvre, booth T5. An opportunity to share its latest innovations.

An anti-aging active from the boreal forest: Borealine® Expert

Bio ForeXtra Laboratories, in partnership with Alban Muller, has developed Borealine® Expert, a 100% natural active from recycled boreal tree barks generated by the Canadian forest industry ensuring an eco-valorization of the boreal forest’s biomass. Borealine® Expert is clinically tested. In vitro tests have highlighted its multifunctional anti-aging activity and In vivo test (2 months duration) has recently confirmed its anti-wrinkles, firmness and plumping virtues.

Natural and sensory cosmetic products: Ready-To-Beauty

Based on its botanical expertise, Alban Muller has developed an exclusive cosmetic products offer “ready to be filled and distributed” with high quality natural actives (silicones-free, parabens-free, mineral oils-free…). These formulations are rich in plant extracts and tested actives, in compliance with the cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

The new Alban Muller’s precious mask: Precious Golden Mask

A unique natural extract concentrate, rich in powerful actives from plants such as Ginkgo Biloba, the golden leaves tree. As a jewel on the skin, this mask, with its ultimate luxurious texture – parabens-free, silicones-free and mineral oils-free – destresses the skin which provides radiant and luminous effects. Customizable offer.

The whole Alban Muller’s team will be pleased to welcome you on its booth !