Alban Muller, The Natural Product Designer

For natural cosmetics, inspired by the wonders of the plant world

With a rich heritage dating back to 1978, we have built and refined a unique expertise to develop and manufacture a diverse range of high-quality plant extracts and 100% natural functional ingredients, which has earned us an international reputation.

At every stage of the manufacturing process, we prioritize innovation, high quality and eco-responsibility. This commitment ensures that our products are not only beneficial for consumers but also for the environment.

Our offer goes beyond ingredients: we provide turnkey cosmetic products ready for quick market launch, as well as tailor-made formulas that align perfectly with your brand's identity. Our dedicated teams will be there to support you and bring your vision for face and body care products to life.

We are passionate about delivering excellence combined with naturality, and helping you succeed in the world of cosmetics. Let Alban Muller be your trusted partner on your cosmetic journey. Alban Muller became a subsidiary of the Croda International Plc group in 2021.

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