Alban Muller takes part to the NCS TOX Project

Unitis Comité de direction

Unitis is pleased to announce the launch of the NCS TOX Project, an initiative to develop the toxicological knowledge of natural substances and boost innovation.

The Kick-Off Meeting of phase 1 took place in Paris on the 16th of September 2016 with all partners.

Looking to establishing the toxicological profile and safety report of their products, 11 key players in the cosmetic and nutraceutical areas have decided to take a truly proactive approach to reach this target.

The objective of this first stage, expected to last for 13 months, aims at studying 90 molecular groups in botanicals to determine, through an evaluation based on existing data, text mining, in silico models and expertise, their level of risk regarding genotoxicity, systemic toxicity and sensitisation endpoints. Upon completion of the whole project, the NCSTOX predictive database will enable to update and carry out the toxicological profile of botanical extracts and to set up the safety report of finished products.

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